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Business Customers

No one can easily afford embarrassing and sometimes costly mistakes,
especially when running a business. Yet, with the ease and speed of electronic
mail, it seems that some mistakes are simply unavoidable.

Imagine yourself in one of these predicaments:

                                    The Incident:          The Painful Results
  • A customer list has been sent to your competitor by mistake
  • - Lost customers
  • Your company's price list gets sent by mistake to your rival
  • - Strategy exposed and profits lost
  • A draft of a law suit is sent to an incorrect email address
  • - Possible damage to the law suit
  • The wrong draft of your tender has been sent with incorrect pricing
  • - Loss of the bid
  • An unlawful email accidentally forwarded to a governmental agent
  • - A warning is received
  • A credit form with inaccurate financial data is mistakenly sent to the bank
  • - Loss of valuable credit line

Oops!My message can prevent these mistakes.

Oops!My message holds your email just long enough to provide you with the chance to
double check. It holds your email on your desktop, in total privacy. You avoid sending
confidential information to a wrong recipient.

So preserve the reputation, privacy, confidentiality and integrity of
your business with Oops!My message

Oops!My message is a must for any business where the quality control of information
processing is taken seriously.

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