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Oops!My message Features

This remarkable program provides you with the following features while maintaining your privacy:

Oops!My message was designed to solve two frequently occurring emailing problems:
  • Sending an email by mistake due to a wrong recipient, or the wrong information, or without all
    of the necessary information.
  • Slips in electronic mail communications that may damage your business or your reputation.

Oops!My message prevents these errors from occurring by automatically holding each and every
email you send [except those on the excluded list]. Once you have hit that Send button your Email is
held for the specified holding time you selected on the program settings.

Oops!My message you define the length of the holding time. While in the "MailOnHold"
file, you can open your message, review it, edit it, delete it, verify addresses under To/Cc/Bcc or add an
attachment to the email.

Oops!My message provides you with that extra, double check to make sure that you are
sending what you want, to whom you intended. Your reviewed email is now ready for sending.

Oops!My message Settings

To begin working with Oops!My message you will need to select the holding time in the Settings
window.That enables the program to hold your emails for that specified holding time each time you press the
Send / Receive button.

Oops!My message enables you to determine the length of holding time for your messages. There is no
time limit on the amount of time you can define for holding your messages.

In the Oops!My message Holding time window you will be able to see the amount of holding time
remaining until your message is automatically sent. If you need some extra time, you can tell Oops!My

to continue holding your message. To do so, just select the Hold option on the message holding

If you are ready to go, and don't want to wait, just select Send now button on the message holding window.

Another fantastic feature with Oops!My message is the Future delivery time option. If you wish to send
your email at a specified later date and/or time, you can use the "Set delivery time" option on the holding
window. A calendar will open that will enable you to set a future delivery time and date for the selected email.

This option is a perfect feature for reminders, events or greetings such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Using this option will cause the email to be sent no earlier than the selected future delivery time. If your computer
is on at the specified set delivery time, it will send the message exactly at that time and date. If your computer is
not operating, then the email will be sent immediately upon your next log on to your computer.