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About Oops


Oops! My message 


Oh No! What a mistake! I can't believe I sent that!


How many times have you hit that Send button and then said "Oops! My message..."



  • The message was sent to the wrong email address
  • You had second thoughts on your choice of words
  • You forgot an attachment
  • An incorrect recipient was included in To/Cc/Bcc 
  • Confidential material was sent to the wrong address
  • Everything about sending that email was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Total privacy maintained – it all happens in your desktop using your private email account


With Oops! My message you can make absolutely sure of avoiding embarrassing mistakes, forgetful lapses, or any other of those annoying slips that accompany our automatic send response. It's your essential "second chance".


Oops! My message Is easy to install and easy to use.


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